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Let’s work together! =)

Hi, I’m Fernanda Vilela.

I am a person of eclectic interests and full of curiosity about the world and beings that inhabit it.

I´m very grateful for my life.
I´m nature lover.

I believe in a responsible and sustainable world. And that small gestures make a difference. That every day we can deconstruct preconceptions and reconstruct / write our history.

I traveled for sightseeing, studies and work to more than 15 different countries in America, Latin America, Africa and Europe.

We can speak in 4 languages: Portuguese, German, Spanish and English.

Here you will see two of the many ramifications of my soul. My authorial Works and my activity as a Photographer for commercial media or private clients.

My authorial work address autobiographical reflections, together with essays on diversity and social behaviors. It explores the fields of documentary photography, essayistic and Autobiographical instalations, painting, colage, videos and photography.

Be welcome! 🙂

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